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Ways of Maintaining Your Wood Floor

The service life of wood flooring is normally founded on two aspects. To begin with, it is your decision in selecting one kind of wood construction over some other one and the second one and perhaps the most important one is the method which you apply to take care of and also maintain the wood. This article is a guide which offers you information on the best way for the maintenance of your wood flooring. Additionally, it includes the two varied construction types which you can choose from for your commercial as well as domestic properties. Usually, there are two major and “real” kinds of wood flooring. There are those which are better suited for a given situation than the others. They are engineering wood flooring and solid wood flooring.

Engineering wood flooring- for every floorboard, there are three to four layers. On the top, solid wood is the constituent with the rest being made from syntactic materials. As opposed to the solid wood flooring, it is possible to fit the boards all around the commercial property or even the home even though their service life is not similar to that of the solid wood flooring. Usually, your choice is dependent on the location of the point of fitting of the floor as well as the budget constraints. These boards are more affordable owing to the lesser utilization of solid wood.

Solid wood flooring- every floorboard comes from total solid wood. For example, Oak. As a result, the floorboard has quite an extended lifespan that goes to around 100 years if it is marinated in the appropriate manner. There will be reactions to the solid wood to climate. When it is hot, there will be an expansion of the wood and the opposite happens when it is cold. It could therefore lead to gaps appearing in the floor and also the acceleration of the tear and wear. It is not recommended for someone to use solid wood flooring in those areas of the home where there will be changes in the weather such as the kitchen, bathroom, and even the conservatory.

When maintaining your property, then your best bet is the property maintenance professionals. A lot of people choose to care for their own, especially in the areas of residence. Hence, the following are some of the recommended tips for cleaning and maintaining wood flooring.
Clear the room-once in a while, when free of obstacles, make sure you clean the surface. In moving items across the room, do not drag, rather pick them and drop.

Sweep or hoover the floor-in using a brush or hoover, be careful to avoid damages to the floor. A soft extension for the over a plastic one is recommended. In using a brush, clean it quickly to avoid dirt on its soft hair.

Mop the floor- do not soak the floor with too much water. It reduces its longevity. You only have to use a damp mop.

Include some wood cleaner-do this every few weeks. Choose the wood friendly formulated liquids which are devoid of bleach.

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