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Music as a Marketing Tool

Music and advertisement have been close since the 1950s in black and white TVs, music is an essential component in marketing because it has a varied ability to arouse emotions and create long-lasting memories, major brands take advantages of these abilities to create a lasting impression to the viewers that contribute significantly to developing of brand loyalty and increase the visibility of their products or services. Marketers prefers music because it allows them to arouse viewers emotions and memories, this is because people tend to connect music with a particular event that happened when they first heard the song, advertisers choose music that matches their target audience and sync the lyrics with their advert to achieve a smooth flow and when this is played over and over again it can become annoying but unforgettable. It is now important that we learn why do music has strong impacts on marketing, for this reason, this article has gathered some information on how using music influences different aspects that makes it a perfect advertisement tool.

Music in advertising is preferred because it gives marketers a wide choice in terms of marketing costs, for example for a business with a big marketing budget they can opt to align with a popular artist with huge followings and millions of fans across the world which can cost you millions, an ideal alternative is to align with a rising local artist which is affordable, the benefits of collaborating with a local artist is that they have local engagement with their followers and their followers are a mix of friends and fans which give your business a local following which is essential in creating brand loyalty in the local market.

Music can be applied in a unique way to attract the attention of viewers or listeners towards your business, products, or services, for example, if your business deals with merchandise that are sensitive to the environment you can pair with artists who are promoting environmental sustainability, this is because many artists today are teaching their audience about sustainability given the deteriorating global environment, therefore, partnering with the appropriate artists will help you drive people’s interest in what you offer.

Music is the best tool to inspire action, the ability of music to arouse emotions and connections in people makes it an ideal source of inspiration, music can motivate you to do better or take a stand against something, music is observed as a catalyst for action and change, and for commercials that want to promote or take a stand on a particular subject using music to propel their message with the intent to inspire people to take action or motivate them making the audience to start talking about the brand. Those are some features of music that make it a perfect advertising tool.